Will John Boehner be able to lead the 113th Congress?

  • Yes, but I think he could be even more cautious.

    He's a dedicated, experienced leader who is willing to compromise with the staunch liberals who have a really hard time agreeing to anything the least bit conservative. I just wish he hadn't agreed to that tax hike on families making over $450,000 a year. It hurts businesses, it's bad for the economy, and it's bad for America. I really like John Boehner, but I think he needs to be even more cautious about what he agrees to and what he rejects.

  • Sure

    He has the potential to, at the very least. John Boehner has charisma, he has intelligence, and he has the strength needed to help bridge the divide between parties. The question remains does he have the motivation to lead the 113th Congress. That is what we will have to watch as it moves forward.

  • Boehner Will Be Able To Lead Them

    I firmly believe that John Boehner will be able to lead the 113th Congress. He has all the qualities to be able to do so. I do not think that he would be placed in that position if he himself and others did not think that he would excel at leading Congress.

  • Yes, but he needs to rally

    Boehner is an effective leader but took a major hit during the crisis of the financial cliff. He needs to be realistic regarding the fact that his reputation took a hit and as we walk into the debt ceiling talks he needs to keep leading and not let partisan politics dictate what he does.

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