Will John Kerry be able to develop a coherent policy for Syria?

  • Yes, He Will

    I have no doubt that John Kerry can come up with a usable policy in regards to the turmoil in Syria. He is well-educated and extremely well-versed in international relations. The more cogent question is whether or not the policy that he crafts can be implemented effectively. With the situation in Syria being what it is, it is hard to say if he will succeed on this front.

  • YES

    There are certain protocols that the United States has operated under for a long time, and these aren't going to go away any time soon. There's a lot of protocols and treaties that we have to keep in mind, so I believe that it will be hard.

    What I also believe, though, is that there will be a lot of work with the United Nations and other groups to make sure that things are reasonable for all parties involved. This will help give some kind of framework to the United States' policy towards Syria, and this framework should be aid in building a coherent policy. I have every faith that a coherent policy is going to come.

  • No

    John Kerry is inheriting is really messy, terrible situation in Syria. The United States is already funding terrorist rebels and al Qaeda cells in Syria, so I think it will be nearly impossible for Kerry to come up with any policy on Syria that isn't somewhat hypocritical. I think there is no coherent option right now.

  • Nope

    I'm not sure there is a coherent policy to be found. The fact is that Syria's government is a tyranny of the minority in their own country. They are oppressing and killing their own citizens. They are backed by Russia and China. The rebels that are opposing Syria and Assad are al Qaeda and other anti-American factions. There is no real coherent policy to take on Syria, except to stay out. And we have already dismissed that option.

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