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  • No one will be willing to take the risk.

    Johnny Manziel is, at best, a third-string quarterback. I don't think any NFL team is willing to take a chance on him. He has had many legal issues and is facing a jail sentence currently. In my opinion, he is the Tim Tebow from Texas A&M. Goodbye, Mr. Money Manziel.

  • Johnny Manziel will not play in the NFL again

    Johnny Manziel will never play in the NFL again because he has chosen a life of partying and substance abuse over football. Manziel was a disappointment for the Cleveland Browns and a total let down overall. It will come as a huge surprise to many people if he is picked up by another team.

  • No, Johnny Manziel has made too many mistakes to play in the NFL again.

    I do not believe that Johnny Manziel will play in the NFL again. He has made far too many mistakes, even after given second chances. Besides being a liability, he is a terrible role model for the youth. Between drugs, alcohol and violence, there is no way he should be rewarded by an esteemed professional organization.

  • Johnny Manziel finished in the NFL

    Johnny Manziel's NFL playing days appear to be over. No team has claimed him since he was unceremoniously dropped by the Cleveland Browns. His behavior off the field remains troubling, with his apparent continued drug and alcohol use. Agents have dropped him until he receives help. Teams view him as too toxic to take a chance on, particularly when he is not doing or saying the right things which would indicate he recognizes he has a problem.

  • No, I do not think Manziel will ever play in the NFL again.

    I do not believe that Johnny Manziel will ever play in the NFL again because of his criminal history and lack of discipline. Even when he was the starting quarterback for an NFL team he wasn't able to optimally perform. He is a risk to any NFL organization. He is a repeat offender as well.

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