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  • No, the Jean Benet Ramsey mystery will never be solved

    No, the Jean Benet Ramsey mystery will never be solved. Part of the reason that this crime will not be solved is because the parents of the child have money and connections and were probably involved in their daughter's murder. Money can keep people from having to answer for crimes that they committed. This is especially true if they are white.

  • Jon Benet Ramsey case was botched

    The actions of police officers in the early stages of the investigation botched the case and prevent it from ever being solved. Combining the shoddy police work with the long amount of time that has passed, there is no hope that the case will ever be solved to an absolute certainty.

  • It is too late

    It is great to think that the Jon Benet-Ramsey mystery will be solved, but at this point even with better forensic testing techniques they are not able to find anything in the evidence they have. At this point any other evidence is gone, and unless someone confesses it won't be solved.

  • Too Much Speculation in Jon Benet Case

    Sadly, I do not believe that the murder of Jon Benet Ramsey will ever be solved. There is too much speculation regarding what happened to her. Someone knows something and that person will have to live with the truth, but for the rest of the world, it is a case that has had way too many attempts at being solved, and too much publicity, for it to be given the proper environment needed to get any actual answers.

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