Will Josh Elliot be missed on GMA or were contract negotiations too intense?

  • Josh Elliot will definitely be missed.

    Yes, I think Josh Elliot will definitely be missed on GMA. He has been a huge draw for GMA and I think his leaving will cause some viewers to leave. Josh was a down to earth co-host who had an intuitive sense for when to speak and what to say. I think he had his own fans who watched GMA just because he was there.

  • Yes, I think Josh Elliot will be missed on GMA.

    I think that while the business side can get ugly I think that people develop personal relationships on these shows and overall when someone leaves regardless of what reason then they are missed, I think that most people can separate personal feelings from a business related matter, so overall I do think he will be missed.

  • He wont be missed

    He won't missed and he was being greedy with the contract negotiations. I think he is already making too much money. 10 million is alot, I think he should negotiated better. I think he should have settled for 5 million. That a pretty good amount just to host a TV show. Where else does he think he going to get that amount money.

  • screw josh elliot

    screw josh elliot, negotiations were intense because he is an arrogant prick who thinks that he is unreplaceable, well, you will see that he will be the one who misses GMA, who does he think he i? screw him! he does not deserve all the attention he has received lately

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