• Josh Norman will be a bust

    Josh Norman will be a bust for the Washington Redskins. He is too arrogant, and does not understand the hard work that goes into being a top player, In his first game, he did not even line up against the opponent's top receiver. This states he does not have his team's full confidence.

  • Yes, he will.

    He has not done as well as a member of the Redskins a s did while he was in college. In fact he has done extremely poorly, fumbling the ball and not making a single block or touchdown. It is pretty clear that he does not have what it takes to make in the NFL.

  • He is a loose cannon.

    Norman recently called a drug test "stupid." That is not the kind of example that the Redskins want in the NFL. The NFL wants someone who will set a good example for fans, adults and children alike. It is disruptive to the team to have someone criticize league policy and undermine team goals.

  • No, Josh Norman will not be a bust for the Redskins.

    No, Josh Norman will not be a bust for the Redskins because it is too early to write him off after the second week. He is still learning the system and will soon pick it up. This question should be posed again in week six or seven, but not now.

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