Will JR Smith dethrone Lebron James as the leader of the Cleveland Cavaliers?

  • Lebron James Cannot Be The Best Forever

    Lebron James is one of basketball's all-time greatest players. This can be said without any shadow of a doubt. Another undeniable fact is his career cannot last forever, and his abilities will decline over time. Considering how long he has already been a star on the court, his reign is coming closer and closer to an end. The man rising up to replace him is JR Smith. He is just starting a long and glorious career, perhaps one even more famed than Lebron's.

  • If he works hard at it who knows

    Its still up in the air as to whether JR Smith can do this, regardless of what is being said about him. He has to put it out as part of the Cleveland Cavaliers in order to get the title as leader of the team. Lebron James proved himself time and time again on the team. So, if Smith wants to be the new star he is going to have to prove himself as well.

  • Lebron is the KING.

    JR Smith is no where near the talent that lebron is at. Lebron averages 27 points per game and Jr Smith averages no where near that at 9.8 PPG. Lebron literally triples all of JR Smiths stats. Nobody will look up to JR Smith as he can only shoot the three and dunk, he also has no championships under his belt unlike Lebron who has 2 rings and has been to more championships than anyone on his team.

  • No, JR Smith will not dethrone Lebron James as the leader of the Cleveland Cavaliers

    No, JR Smith will not dethrone Lebron James as the leader of the Cleveland Cavaliers. While being roughly the same age, JR Smith (29 years old) and Lebron James (30 years old), Lebron James is a much more sturdier, physical, and better offensive player as depicted in their career statistics.

  • Lebron James is not going anywhere.

    JR Smith has made lots of strides and is a leader, but Lebron is the leader, for as long as he chooses. He sets the pace for the team, not JR Smith. But JR Smith could take the lead if Lebron was ready to be done. He's a natural leader, but Lebron's not yielding to anyone.

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