Will Julian Edelman's foot surgery derail the Patriots' perfect season?

  • Edelman's foot surgery will definitely damper the Patriots' season

    Much of the Patriots' success is due to the solid connection between Tom Brady and Edelman. Even with the hope of Edelman returning at some point in the season, he will certainly be out for multiple games. The Patriot's can fill in with other receivers, but Edelman's absence will definitely leave a big hole in their offense. When Edelman went out for most of the game against the Giant's, the Patriot's only pulled off a very narrow victory with a last-minute long field goal. I think this is more of what we can expect now that Edelman is side-lined indefinitely.

  • Julian Edelman is a valuable asset to the Patriots and his absense will be felt

    Yes, Julian Edelman's foot surgery will derail the Patroits' perfect season. He is the team's leading receiver. He played 87.7 percent of the team's offensive plays before facing the Giants to help the Patriots win 27-26. In addition, running back Dion Lewis is also sidelined. The team is playing without two of its vital players.

  • Edelman impossible to replace

    Amendola will replace Edelman in the slot. Teams will be able to key in more on Gronkowski. Lewis is already gone. The Patriots offensive line is reeling. Brady and Gronkowski are the only things the Patriots have left. This offense is going to start looking like the Packers, who are mightily struggling.

  • No, he will be back before the end of the season

    The Patriots will go on to have a perfect season. Doctors believe that Julian Edelman will return before the end of the season for playoffs. NFL athletes are strong and it is probable that he will be fine. The team is extremely strong and will survive just fine, with or without him. But they have a better shot with him.

  • Edleman hard to replace but not impossible.

    I believe that with the talent the patriots have gathered on the team this will only be a way of showing off some more of their skills deeper in the line. Although Edleman is considered on of the best wide receivers in the game today I feel the rest of the team will make an extra effort to keep the streak moving forward.

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