Will Jurassic World live up to the expectations set by the first trilogy?

  • It shore will

    Jurassic World will be a movie we wont forget. The trailers look awesome, the cast is great, and the dinosaurs are super realistic. Jurassic Park is in the past. Now Jurassic World will be a movie that we wont forget. Overall, this movie will be the best one of all the Jurassic movies.

  • Jurassic Park Again!

    I think that Jurassic World Will live up to the expectations of the first trilogy. Technology has changed so much since the last movie. The graphics will be so great that even if the storyline isn't great, moviegoers will still be happy. There is a lot of anticipation for this movie so I think it will be a box office hit.

  • Yes, I think that it will.

    Yes, I think that Jurassic World will live up to the expectations set by the first trilogy because Jurassic World was such a popular thing for so long and still is so I think that great things are going to come of it. They are also remaking the Jurassic Park movie so I think that that is awesome.

  • Yes, Jurassic World will live up to the expectations set by the earlier trilogy.

    Any time a production company decides to revive an older brand or series, they risk upsetting the die-hard fans and at the same time not making a big enough splash with mainstream audiences. In the case of Jurassic Park, though, there are several factors that will help contribute to the revival's success. One is the improvement in movie making technology that will help make the dinosaurs of the new film more incredible than any before. Secondly, the last of the Jurassic Park trilogy was so bad, anything else will be an improvement.

  • I don't think it will be the hit people expect it to be

    Yes Pratt is popular, but popular enough to carry a franchise who's last movie was 14 years ago and did poorly financially and critically? I doubt it.

    Plus the trailers have been lackluster with a story that rehashes the original, while adding cliche' and unoriginal ideas.

    Entertaining summer fare? Perhaps. Blockbuster monster profit machine? I doubt it.

  • I doubt it

    I've been wrong about movies before, but usually originals are better than sequels. However I will say that having Chris Pratt in Jurassic World is a definite positive. He has charisma as an actor, which helps in action/adventure type movies like the Jurassic series. I have intentionally avoided spoilers when it comes to this, and hopefully it's at least worthy of the series name. The first two sequels were not as good as the first one, so perhaps I'm wrong and this one can buck that negative trend.

  • What sequel has ever?

    The trailer for this film looks decent to say the least. And with the technology we have today compared to how the first jurassic park was made, it should look better. But in my experience of watching films, what sequel has ever lived up to the first one or second one for that matter?

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