• Justin Timberlake Proving His Fatherly Skills

    Justin Timberlake's attention to his family is clear through photos captured through Twitter and Instagram. Timberlake tweeted that the best birthday gift that he has ever received was his son. The budding father consistentl speaks out about being a present dad and not letting his hectic career get in the way of his child's upbringing.

  • Justin Timberlake Will Be a Great Dad

    Justin Timberlake has matured over the years to the point here parenthood is a natural next step. He has a good, steady head on his shoulders, which is really important for parents of children who will be growing up in the public eye. Even though he started out as a teen idol, Timberlake has provnen that he's got staying power.

  • Timberlake has a perpetual nice guy image

    Throughout his long career, Timberlake has avoided most negative tabloid attention and seems to hold to his generally 'good guy' image. Additionally, Timberlake has widely displayed himself to have a good sense of humor, which I believe to be a key part of being a good parent. I believe that Timberlake will prove himself to be a good dad.

  • Justin Timberlake and parenting can work well together

    I think Justin Timberlake will be a good dad because he seems to be a good guy overall. From what I've seen about him and his family lately, there seems to be love and good parenting. Becoming a parent often helps a person grow and mature, and I definitely think this will be the case with him.

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