• Babies make people feel better

    Absolutely. Babies make everyone feel better and with the kind of romantic story Will and Kate made with their wedding, I think the world - not just the UK - will fall in love with this baby and the baby will be treasured. It will be good for the people, the economics, and people's sense of emotion regarding a royal baby.

  • New arrival is needed!

    Yes, it will be they really need some new blood you kind of get tired of hearing about Prince Harry and what sort of Comedy role he is doing. The baby will bring back the youth of the young Princes that was always interesting to watch them grow up. It is a part of history to watch the new generation to be brought up under the Duke and Duchess. This is what this world needs right now!

  • Yes

    The people of England are obsessed with that couple. I think it will be great for the nation because it is some thing for the people to look for down the road. This after all is the the person in line for the crown of England and people like to know what is coming.

  • Yes - All Of UK Looking Forward To Birth

    Yes, Kate and Will’s baby will be good for the UK. I would think that almost everyone in the UK would be looking forward to the birth of Kate and Will’s baby. It has been a very long time since Prince William and Prince Harry were happy, young children in the palace. The palace needs this baby to bring joy and warmth back to it, and none are better suited than Will and Kate to accomplish this.

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