• She'll go down with him

    When Trump goes down for his unethical, immoral, and lying behaviors, Kellyanne Conway will go down with him. She has been his number one supporter, and has fought to make excuses for every misstep Trump has taken. When the rest of the world finally sees Trump for who he really is, they will see the same in her.

  • Conway's career is not over

    Kellyanne Conway just got a new gig with NBC and they aren't going to end that relationship over defending Trump. If this was a problem they wouldn't have hired her in the first place, as she has defended him in the past. What she does in the future might affect her job, but not at this point.

  • Kellyane Conway's career is bright

    Kellyane Conway is an unflappable defender of Mr. Trump. She is probably the best person that he can have speaking on his behalf. When she decides to finally leave the White House, she is going to be able to write her own ticket at any of the networks or other news outlet.

  • She is going to have a good four or eight years.

    I think apart from his kids, Conway has to be the person who will profit the most from Trump's presidency. She worked with Ted Cruz and then switched to Trump when Trump won the Republican nomination and she ran an intense campaign against Clinton. She even managed to keep Trump in check for a day or two. Her career isn't over, she's going to reap the fruits of her labors for years to come.

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