• Kim Kardashian's Kimoji app will be the most popular new app of 2015

    Despite my lack of understanding in regards to the popularity and influence of the Kardashian and Jenner family, I believe that history has proven that they have Midas' touch. Nearly everything they touch turns to gold. All over the world, the Kim Kardashian is known. Her marketing skills are unsurpassable.

  • Yes, the Kimoji app will reign as the most popular of 2015.

    In my opinion, I have to agree that Kim Kardashian's Kimoji app is going to be 2015's app of the year. Whether we like it or not, "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" has become an addicting form of entertainment for countless people. Every move this family makes is publicized in an instant.

  • Who the hell cares

    I have no idea, what that app is, or what it does , nor do I care at all. And I'm not even remotely alone in this. Almost none of my friends and acquaintances has used/bought that , supposedly most popular, app. You might be surprised, but most of the people are not really that much into this whole Kardashian trash and tabloid junk.

  • I think there are bigger apps.

    Although Kim Kardashian is popular, I doubt it will make her Kimoji app the most popular app of 2015. There have been other great apps created this year. Although I think Kim Kardashian's emojis are pretty funny, I can't see how that app would be the most popular of the year.

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