• Unfortunately I think it will be successful

    She is obviously hungry for the money and how sad has and any little thing she has going on in her life, has to be mentioned for the whole world to know about.
    Although, she has been doing well with her last business app game and her KK collection with her sisters

  • Yup, the book will be a best seller.

    There is a large market for celebrity obsessed fan bases. Kim Kardashian became famous from being famous, her new selfie book will sell millions of copies. After all, she has her own television show that has several cameras just following her around. The new selfie book will be an extension to her fame.

  • Sadly I do

    People just eat her stuff up. I think it will probably be successful, but I think that it's sad. Why is she even famous? They are all just annoying and full of drama. Guys are going to snatch her book up, and teenage girls will probably freak when it comes out and buy it too.

  • Kim Kardashians book

    I think that Kim Kardashians new Selfie book will be mildly successful. She has a lot of dedicated fans and she is very popular and well known. People have read and purchased other peoples books even if they were not a fan of them but just because they were famous.

  • Why exactly is she famous again ?!

    Nobody knows why this girl is famous. Can you atleats think of one thing shes stared in ? Only Keeping up with the Kardashians and Distastar movie, where she was killed off. She has no acting talent, no singing talent, all she is is a spoiled brat. Why does america call this twllent I dont know. But I feel like they will draw this line and say, enough is enough

  • Kim K enough already

    Kim Kardashian West, how many people will actually buy a book of selfies of you. If this isn't the most egotistical thing I have ever heard, nothing is. Now we all know she has a crazy following so while I think it's insanity at its finest I am watching for it on the number one book list.

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