• Will King Of The Ring Remain A Great Hit?

    I feel that King Of The Ring will be just as good as it has in the past! I believe that those who were in charge of making it a hit in the past, will exceed their fans standards. I feel we are all in for a treat, where great talent will be displayed.

  • I agree that King of the Ring may be better this year

    King of the Ring has always been a great wrestling event that is exciting and gets a lot of publicity. Although the event has had a four year pause, I think that it will come back bigger and more exciting than in the past years. The anticipation has building for it.

  • Yes, King of the Ring will be as good this year as in years past.

    King of the Ring never disappoints. They probably skip years on purpose to create a frenzy = we all want what we can't have. The last King of the Ring was in 2010. Given five years to think of ideas and prepare for this one should make it unbelievably spectacular.

  • King of the Ring will not be good.

    King of the Ring will not be good. WWE is getting more barbaric as time goes on. There is nothing funny or entertaining about it. I am speaking as a woman, though, and I think WWE is akin to football, rugby, and other violent sports. It's not necessary and it won't be better than any other game they've had.

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