• Achilles Tendon's are Sensitive

    I believe that kobe bryan'ts career will be coming to an end after this injury. He is already in his 16th year and decided that he only wanted to run for one more year. With the stress that the NBA puts on a person's body, I doubt that he will be able to fully recover from this injury and be able to compete at such a high level.

  • I Think it will

    The achilles heel is very important, and if it is damaged, there is no fixing it. It will always hurt, it will always cause problems, and since Kobe is a basketball player, his game will never be the same. He won't be able to shoot hoops and he wont be able to run the court as fast.

  • Yes his career will come to an end

    Kobes career will end because , he may recover but he would not be the same player , hes already falling off , hes getting old , i think kobe has one more year after this recovery or he may just retire after this season . Hes also trying to chase that 6th ring but his team isnt that good , so that is also another reason he will continue his career after this injury

  • Yes, but not because of the initial injury itself.

    Achilles injuries are tricky because it's such a sensitive area. If someone does not take all precautions and appropriate steps to heal properly, they are looking at a permanent and debilitating form of damage. Sadly, judging on the man's personality and antics, he'll try to push though rather than sit back and heal.

  • Kobe's torn Achilles will not end his career

    No, I do not think that a torn Achilles will necessarily end Kobe's career. I think that Kobe can bounce back from this injury, and that he is a fighter and wants to continue to play basketball. Even though Kobe is older in basketball terms, he still has more he wants to prove in the NBA.

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