• Yes, Kylie Jenner will be the most successful Jenner sister.

    I believe Kylie Jenner will be the most successful Jenner sister because she is more controversial than her sister Kendall. I think that she draws people's attention more because of her looks, and she's in the spotlight because of her drastic transformation. And I believe that it will stay like that for a long time.

  • Kylie Jenner will be successful!

    All of those sisters in that family are successful. I personally do not care about them, but the rest of the world seems to really care and be involved their lives these days. I don't even know how that family became so popular! It is somewhat perplexing! One day it will make sense!

  • Younger and More Successful

    Kylie Jenner a young, yet successful business women. She rivals her older sister Kim with her new app which as opposed to Kim's which Kylie describes as 'perfect', Kylie's app is targeted towards a younger audience which is the majority of the people who own phones and buy apps now. Kylie's motives to branch out to a younger audience will be the tipping point in determining the more successful sister.

  • Another successful Jenner sister

    No, Kylie Jenner will not be the most successful Jenner sister. All of the Jenner girls are successful in their own endeavors so it is impossible to say that any one of them wil be the most successful. It is exciting, though, to watch Kylie's success so far and to picture what might be in the future for her.

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