• Yes, Lance Stephenson will be successful in Charlotte

    In any sports, there is always a time when a player needs to move to move to another club for them to advance in their career. Lance Stephenson move to Charlotte should be taken as a positive move towards his growth in the world of basketball. What more, with the skills he already posses he is deem to become one of the best scorers the club.

  • Yes, he will have a successful career in Charlotte.

    Lance Stephenson is a very good basketball player, and I believe that his career will flourlish in Charlotte. With Michael Jordan as the owner of the team, I believe he can offer guidance to Stephenson, and keep his on court antics to a minimum. Stephenson will do just fine as a member of the Hornets.

  • Lance Stephenson will triumph.

    Lance Stephenson will be a great asset to Charlotte because he is determined to prove himself. He may have been a lower draft pick in 2010, but he will push himself harder now that he is with a new team. There is always a drive to succeed when you are on a new team. There is a personal power within him that will take over and he'll do fine.

  • Yes, I think he will.

    While the change will take some adjustment on both sides, neither were each other's first choice, I ultimately think he will be successful there. He was a great asset for the Pacers and seem to thrive under their leadership. They will find it hard to replace him and he will find it difficult to replace a mentor like Larry.

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