Will Larry Ellison stepping down as CEO at Oracle affect the company's productivity and profitability?

  • The future of Oracle depends on it's next move

    I do not necessarily think that Larry Ellison unexpectedly stepping down as CEO will affect Oracle negatively but it is sure to affect productivity and profitability. But this could just as likely be for the positive. Often with new blood comes new visions and new ideas, and this could propel the company to even greater heights, only time will tell.

  • The Rainmaker Always Leaves With The Rain

    While it is likely that Larry Ellison and Oracle have been preparing for this for many years, it will still have an adverse effect on the company and the shareholders. When a company's success becomes so tied into one person, the loss of that person can't help but be an issue for future productivity and profitability.

  • oracle will get better

    Larry Ellison stepping down as CEO at Oracle will not affect the companys productiviy and profitability in a negative way, if anything it will make it better, companys need new management from time to time to adapt to new ways and practices for thier company i think this is a good thing

  • Time marches on.

    No, Larry Ellison stepping down as CEO at Oracle will not affect the company's profitability, because Ellison was not the face or Oracle. When you think of Oracle, you think of the brand, not the person. I'm not sold on the power-sharing arrangement they have come up with, but if Oracle fails it will not be for lack of Larry Ellison.

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