• LeBron James has already touched Michael Jordan.

    "I’ve met him a few times. I went to his 50th-birthday party at All-Star weekend. I went to his party to show respect and pay homage to the greatest. I had a conversation with him there. "

    According to this quote by LeBron James he made physical contact with Michael Jordan .

    Posted by: MB17
  • He is the best player in the nba !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    He will Jordan will never be the best player in the history of the NBA some one is going to take his spot Lebron still has 10 more year playing and is one of throws years he will take Jordan spot i now that lebron does not have six championships and he may not have more MVP than him but king James will go down in history some how. KING JAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yes Lebron will touch Jordan level.

    I think LeBron James has great potential to be as great as Michael Jordan. I have seen the way LeBron plays and it is definitely spectacular. Many people say he is overrated but I disagree, LeBron is the best player in the league right now. He is great on offense and defense and is a clutch player,

  • Lebron will never touch Jordan

    I don't think he will even come anywhere close to Jordan. Jordan is way to good. If Lebron hasn't even passed Kobe Bryant yet, Then he definitly won't pass up Jordan. Iv'e watched Lebron play and he actually isn't thaat good, I meanhe can dunk the ball, but not like Jordan

  • No.

    Lebron hasn't even touched Kobe yet. Let's leave the greatest basketball player of all time out of this. Kobe hasn't touched Jordan. Lebron James is undoubtedly an extremely talented player, and he is also undoubtedly the best in the NBA right now, hands down. However, he got going way too late in his career, and with upstarts like Durant and Rose coming at him harder every year, his window to surpass Jordan is all but closed.

  • He Won't Come Close

    Lebron will never touch Jordan. I honestly do not think he has a chance to. Michael Jordan is the greatest to ever do it and is in a class of his own. It's not such a terrible thing for Lebron since nobody else has come close to doing what Jordan did either.

  • No, LeBron will never touch Jordan

    Here's one primary difference between the two ball players. Jordan is the real deal. He didn't have to be prodded or manufactured, or put up to the task of being one of the greatest basketball players who ever lived. LeBron is like that young employee who comes along that is positioned to fill the shoes of a former great employee. He may have some good stats, but he doesn't have the heart or charisma that Jordan had, period.

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