• Yes, he has the confidence and can think clearly.

    Lee Westwood has already won the last nine consecutive Ryder Cup events. He understands the course and currently holds a strong winning streak. These factors are sure to add to the nervousness of his components. With all of the stress out on the course that is experienced, it is sure to play an important role in the outcome of the competition.

  • Yes, he will win.

    Yes, Lee Westwood will win the Ryder's cup. According to his statement, "I'm here to win, not just peak for the Ryder Cup," i believe that he will make it. If Lee Westwood was bold enough to believe in himself then i also believe that he will finally win the cup. Considering that he is also much talented.

  • He is consistent.

    The one thing that Lee Westwood is known for is consistency. Ultimately, there comes a day when that wins. He is prepared for the Ryder's Cup and consistency will sneak in and win when everything else fails. He has won tournaments in every continent. He is able to travel with his game. He will win the Ryder's Cup.

  • No, not sure .

    A lot of the players on the European side have had multiple experiences of winning Ryder Cups. And on the other side of that, on the US team, a lot of their players have had multiple experiences of losing Ryder Cups. Winning is a habit and a lot of the players on the European team have that habit and know what the experience is like and what to do.

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