• Older actors don't always appeal

    Liam Neeson has been a great actor for many years and has had a lot of big roles in movies. But with age comes a certain appeal that may not attract a lot of people as he gets older. He has to be very selective with some of the roles he decides to take in the future.

  • Yes,he will have trouble

    Its time to hang up the actor career as a tough guy. There are many roles you can play that still make you into a tough guy,but also personify you skills. I think we would do well in roles that have him as a retired fighter or an old crime boss. I think tough guy that takes on 20 year olds, isnt happening.

  • Liam Neeson will not have trouble getting action movie roles due to his age.

    Age can be a cruel thing to someone's career, but your job is all about performance. As an entertainer his most important task is to entertain the audience and keep their interest. As long as he continues to do those two things he will have no trouble getting additional action movie roles due to his age.

  • No, he won't

    Liam Neeson has an action movie that is either in theaters right now or is about to be, and it looks like classic Liam Neeson. I'm not sure how there's an argument to be made about him struggling to find roles that he is actively occupying as I'm writing this.

  • No, Liam Neeson will not have trouble getting movie roles even at 61.

    I think that Liam Neeson will continue getting action movie roles even though he is now 61 years old. I think that as long as he keeps himself fit, he'll still be able to play characters in action movies. Sylvester Stallone is even older than Liam Neeson, yet has no trouble finding such roles.

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