Will life eventually consume the entire universe?

Asked by: joseph.stracener
  • Life will consume the universe

    Eventually we will be able to terraform all planets and we will have colonies on them soon after we will get technology to travel the distance of the cosmos so we can colonize other galaxies. This will truly be the pinnacle of human evolution unless we are consumed by war or another life form in the universe.

  • Life will always grow into available resources

    In my opinion all life actively works to make the universe in its image (physical or mental). From viruses all the way to the most complex organisms ever discovered, if it reproduces it takes available resources and duplicates itself to the best of its ability.

    I believe that consumption and conversion capabilities are as follows for known life sizes:
    Self replicating organic compounds
    Microscopic life forms
    Small life forms (fungi etc)
    Large life forms (plants, animals, insects, etc)

    I feel that as life becomes more adaptive and raises through the tiers, the more capable it becomes at converting the universe into its image. Plants and vegetation are wildly successful, having converted almost all of the entire earths surface into themselves.

    I leave the definition of life as broad as possible so as to include self replicating machines (which I feel will become the next tier of life sizes, Colossal Life [Planet eaters], and eventually become solar devourers and galaxy slurpers, without end to possible sizes, imo.)

  • Another Nonsense Question!

    You have no clue about anything.

    Did you graduate from high school or are you a drop out?

    Do you do lots of drugs?

    Are you addicted to video games?

    What is the actually point you are trying to make.

    Man can't even get to Mars and life is going to consume the entire universe.

    Seriously, do you do lots of drugs?

  • It will be consumed by fire.

    The Bible is very clear that God will destroy the universe. It will be destroyed in fire and loud noise. Then the New Heaven and New Earth will be created where there is not more pain or death. Life will not consume the universe, but it will be consumed by fire.

  • Planetary suicide is often the case.

    There always comes a point in a civilization's life where it has the power to commit suicide.

    Nuclear bombs, global warming, social unrest.

    Even if a universal empire came to be, it might have taken such a long time to develop that by the time they had thrived, the universe could already be starting to die. Unless they figure out the physics of the Multiverse, they'd have a real hard time coping with the fact that they can't escape our Universe's eventual demise.

  • It couldn't, the Universe is infinite

    Carl Sagan once said "If we do not destroy ourselves, we will one day venture to the stars." Given the advancements in curiosity and technology, life from Earth could start spreading soon.

    Here's the problem. The Universe is infinite. We are talking about an endless existence. Even if that existence be possibly only void after so far.

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Bullish says2013-05-13T00:34:29.853
There are an infinite number of Universes. I would be willing to bet that in one of them this is already the case.
GWL-CPA says2013-05-13T18:35:42.867
The number of Universes is finite. Infinity only exists as a mental concept that is applied mainly in mathematics and the sciences.
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As far as life consuming the entire universe, I am not even sure what that means. It mainly means that too many people have been watching too many science fiction movies and playing too many science fiction video games. These people actually begin to believe that the fiction will some day be real despite the laws of physics and the universe.
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If, and I doubt it, there was life on some planet in some other universe, its ain't ever finding its way to Earth and men on Earth will never find there way to it. There are things that are not physically possible based on the laws of the Universe and the vastness of the Universe; and, man cannot overcome those limiting factors.