Will life in the future be like the movie A.I.?

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  • Maybe in some ways.

    I do think the future will, in some ways, be similar, but it won't be exactly the same. It will be different in many aspects. Look at predictions from 100 or 200 years ago about today. We've never gotten it quite right. We have come close, though, and future inventions can be influenced by the ideas of today.

  • Not it will not.

    The future will not be like that depicted in the movie A.I. Robots are already being created but not like that shown in the movie. They are made to be toys and to help in household chores. Robots will not be made to look like children. People would be too uncomfortable with robotic children unless they are toys for their children.

  • No, robots will continue to be tools

    Although AI was a good movie, the depictions of robotic life were lacking. David, the main character, is programmed to replicate a human child. I think robots in the future will simply be tools to accomplish tasks, and the role of children will continue to be played by children. After all, who wants a child who never grows up?

  • No the future will not be like the movie A.I.

    I do not believe that the future will be like the movie A.I. As robotics will not advance that far as they did in the movie. I think that the movie gave us a glimpse into what the future could hold with respect to technology, but I do not see robots becoming that advanced.

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