• I think she'll be a great mom.

    I think that the only way we will know if Lil Kim will make a good mother is to find out what happens after she delivers her baby. I have a feeling she will, though. Many women who you would never consider as parent material step up and do the job with style.

  • Yes, Lil Kim will make a good mother

    I'm sure Lil Kim will make a good mother. She's old enough now, and has experienced so much along the way, that I think she will have the patience and ability to care for a child. I feel that young mothers struggle because they haven't quite lived all that they want to before the child, so I think Lil Kim's experience will make her a great mother!

  • Plenty Life Experience

    I believe Lil Kim will make a good mother. Given her past she has a lot of experiences to pass on to her off spring, both good and bad experiences. I feel she would probably been ineffective as a younger mother but now that she is more mature I think she will make an excellent mother.

  • Lil Kim will be a good Mother if she makes mothering a priority.

    Lil Kim will be a good mother if she decides that is what she wants to be. She has proven to be a success in her career and she can certainly use that determination and dedication to be a good mother. Just because she has had other issues in her life, does not mean that she is incapable of change or that she is not capable of being a loving, nurturing parent.

  • Lil Kim is a poor role model for all children

    Lil Kim is a poor model for humanity as a whole. She has no regard for social boundaries or even the law. Her complete disregard for Big-E's marriage shows that she does not respect for anyone but her own agenda. Her child will grow up knowing that she is the product of adultery and then used for profit. As the child grows up, Lil Kim will find it very difficult to keep her child within the confines of society. Her second hand fame will allow her access to certain portions of society that will be more than willing to use her for whatever profit can be made, and Lil Kim will likely approve, or at least not disapprove of it because that is the network she operates in.

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