• Bring Back The Mixtape Weezy!

    Any fan of Lil Wayne will tell you that he delivers his best lyrics in the mixtape arena. After his label, Cash Money, failed to release his highly anticipated studio album, Wayne took to his creative frustrations to the booth and blessed us with his latest mixtape, "Sorry for the Wait 2". On the first track entitled, "Fingers Hurting," Wayne tells us "...he's here to show us he's still doin' it." He immediately shows and proves by firing off the versatile, lyrical finesse fans have come to expect from Lil Tunchi. Anything Wayne touches turns to gold-- "Sorry for the Wait" is no exception.

  • Most Likely Yes

    Lil Wayne has a solid fan base, for reasons I do not understand, but he has a HUGE fanbase. Whether it be within the white community or the black. Older people or younger. I can name about 50 people right now that I know that favor him and have posted about how excited they are to buy it.

  • Yes, I think it will.

    Yes, I think that Lil Wayne's new mixtape will be a hit because pretty much everything that Lil Wayne has come out with has been a pretty big hit to the younger generations. He is getting older and I feel that people are waiting for him to come out with more stuff before it is too late.

  • Unlikely to be

    I can't see this new mixtape being as much of a hit as some of his previous work. Disagreements with a label are never a good sign - it usually ends up with either the artist caving, or the artist trying to go it alone with less than great results. I'm getting the feeling this will be the latter.

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