Will Lindsay Lohan make a full comeback in acting?

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  • No skills or looks.

    After not acting in anything major for nearly a decade, it's no surprise that she has lost what little acting talent she had to begin with; especially without any acting classes.
    She also looks horrid due to the Botox in her lips and cheeks, long-term drug use and partying. All her past beauty is gone and will never return, like her career.

  • Lindsay Lohan will not make a full comeback in acting.

    Lindsay Lohan is a very troubled young woman and she is not suited to the lifestyle of an actress. The fame and riches of a Hollywood life led her to drug abuse, and she needs to focus on her recovery. She will not likely return to being a major face in the movies.

  • No, Lindsay Lohan will not make a comeback.

    Lindsay Lohan has severely damaged her reputation by coming across as an addict and a party girl. Higher-ups, like directors, have complained about working with her and her drug problems and difficult nature. She does not seem to demonstrate any contrition in her various court appearances. Because of a demonstrated lack of wanting to change, and a negative reputation developed over time, Lohan has little chance of ever making a comeback.

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