• Liz Will Prove Her Innocence

    Liz will eventually prove her innocence on The Blacklist partially because the show seemingly will need to continue and it's less logical should she be unable to. Additionally, there are certain pieces of evidence to hint that Ressler may know certain things to be able to assist Liz that have yet to be revealed.

  • Ressler will help Liz prove her innocence

    Liz believes that, at the end day, Ressler will help her prove her innocence. Also, based on how this kind of show usually ends, with a happy ending, I do believe that things will turn out good for Liz and she'll be able to prove her innocence with or without Ressler's help.

  • Yes she will

    I think she has to. I don't think the show can go on forever with her attempting to prove her innocense. Eventually she will need to prove it in order for her character to remain relevent. Otherwise, the story line will be the same every season. I don't think the writers want that.

  • She cant prove

    I think that she can t possibly prove her innocence because not even red can save her now.. I think that it's time to take down the cabal.Reddington can manipulate situations and play people against each other
    and off of each other. He has, really since the second episode of the
    season, been working toward a strategy that he plans to implement in
    this very next episode

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