• Most likely does

    They will have to re budget what they are charging and stuff, yes. But they will also be getting the gas prices cheaper themselves, and they have been raping the public with high gas prices for year. I dont care if it means trouble for them, what goes around comes around.

  • No, lower gas prices won't hurt Tesla.

    Tesla is offering electric cars not just to save money. They are extremely expensive cars. People who buy them are often more interested in not using fossil fuels. Gas, which is cheaper now than it has been in years, will climb inevitably higher as we continue to run out of this over-exploited resource.

  • Telsa is for a certain crowd.

    Tesla will be and is, in all reality a certain kind of persons car. For example, its not really the fact that gas prices are so high or lowering, that creates interest in buying electric vehicles. No, it is the fact, that alternative energy movement and such are predominately followed by environmentalist, and the electric car, the hybrid car, and even riding a bike instead of driving have become symbols of status. The people who have embraced that culture group, will continue to buy, and support alternative transportation methods.

  • Not very likely.

    Tesla's main selling point currently isn't the saving you make from not purchasing gas. The cars themselves are very expensive. Anyone purchasing an electric car from tesla isnt concerned about gas prices. However, this is all besides the point. The fact of the matter is, it costs less to power your car electrically rather than with gas. The cost of the batter itself is what is going to determine if people buy the car.

  • Not In The Long Run

    Anyone who assumes lower gas prices are here to stay is kidding themselves. These low prices are being used to harm enemies of Saudi Arabia and they are just helping us as a side effect. The prices will go back up and therefore it will not mean trouble for Tesla in the long run.

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