• Modern Science Will Eventually Triumph

    Although mosquitoes will never be eliminated as they are vital to the food chain of several ecosystems, malaria will eventually be defeated by modern science. Mosquito nets, vaccinations and insect repellent will subdue the disease in all of Africa once countries modernize. Just like polio, malaria will be eliminated when people take the threat seriously enough to get Africans on board for fighting the disease.

  • Malaria will eventually be eliminated.

    There is no reason that malaria cannot be eliminated in time. If enough resources are devoted to the eradication of this disease, it can be wiped off the face of the Earth. Humans have successfully eradicated smallpox and rinderpest already. We could also eliminate other diseases using the same methods.

  • Yes. I believe malaria will eventually be eliminated.

    Yes. I believe malaria will eventually be eliminated, because of organizations like the RBM partnership. They encourage and support nations seeking cures for Malaria through Collection, and dissemination of the best practice approaches. They also educate people on a global level on the disease, and not just the RBM Partnership.Many Countries have started new programs aimed at the eradication of Malaria since the global malaria eradication campaign ended in 1969,

  • Vaccinations, Modern Technology Will Eliminate the Disease

    Malaria is spread through mosquitoes. It is impractical to kill every mosquito on Earth, so preventive measures to prevent malaria are needed. A combination of vaccinations, mosquito netting and basic things like mosquito repellent can all help eliminate the deadly disease that claims the lives of around 750,000 people annually, mostly African children. Getting the proper treatments for malaria is also important in the fight against this killer. Mortality rates have fallen by 50 percent in Africa since 2000, so whatever measures are being taken are working. However, people need to build an immunity to malaria before it will be eliminate completely.

  • Malaria will be eventually eliminated.

    Malaria will be eventually eliminated. If we can contain it and come up with an appropriate lab created cure then anything is possible to be eliminated. I think it will soon be cured and we can prevent it from reoccurring. I think anything can be cured but the choice of profit from selling the cure comes into focus before it is released.

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