Will Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 ever be found?

  • Technology will advance

    The plane can’t just vanish. Debris has already been found and each day, Investigators are getting a better understanding of where the plane could be. Technology will advance and one day we will find the plane. It might not be tomorrow or next month but maybe in 5 years we’ll find it. We just can’t give up. We must keep trying and bring justice to the families.

  • It can, and will be found. Why? Because...

    1. We know roughly where it is.
    2. We know why it crashed.
    3. We have equipment capable of finding it. Yes. We do. We just need to use it to it's full potential.
    4. It took 100 years to find the Titanic.
    5. Imagine you were a person onboard [just imagine], how would you feel if the lucky people who aren't on the plane say that you'll never be found?
    6. It's on earth. Earth is our planet.
    7. The pilot suicide [according to Larry Vance] was carried out with one intent only : to hide the plane. Heaven is on our side. God wouldn't let him win.
    8. The plane exists. It's only if it didn't exist when we would never be able to find it. We just need to find out where it is. It's there!
    9. We can't give up... Remember... Titanic...
    And 10. We are definitely capable of finding it, as well as extracting it from the ocean floor. We came so far and carried out so many great things as humans. This is well within our reach.

    The passengers...? They would want us to find their plane and do justice to this case. No matter what.

    I hope we can find it.

  • It Has to Be

    The plane simply cannot have just vanished off the face of the earth. It has to be somewhere. Whether it is scattered at sea or even taken by cyber hackers, one day our technology will be good enough to find the plane, where ever it is. It clearly just could non have disappeared.

  • We HAVE to find it. That's all there is to it.

    How can we just give up? It may cost a lot of money, but I feel the human cost will be incomparably greater if we don't determine why this one aircraft disappeared. What if another plane, carrying somone important or more people, dissappeared under similar circumstances? Of course, I'm not the one paying so I really have no right to tell them to continue searching.

  • You see, the MH370 has been missing for 3 years. No way!

    They've already covered the whole southern Indian ocean. With even the most latest technology, they STILL havent got it yet,. I say we probably will never find it. This may remain one of the most weirdest,sophisticated and most mysterious missing-plane aviation mystery of our new, modern, advanced 21st centuary .

  • They already know where it is they have know from the beginning its been a scam to use the financing to map the ocean floor

    They had the flight simulator and they had calculations of where it was but they didn't want it to look like the captain did it . It's been a scam from the start emailed having to pay out all that cash knowing the caption did it, now at least the ocean floor has been mapped while they cover up what really happened.

  • It will be found

    Every plane that has crashed in this century has been found and with the technology of today we should be able to find it by 2016-2017. A lot of prices have already been found ,it is only a matter of time.I would say that the plane will have been found if (a) they find a lot of the right body's (b) they find a lot of the wreck or most importantly (c) they find the black boxes.✈️🔥😕 rip in memory of them all (if they have passed)

  • Will the mh370 ever be found

    Only Whenthe waters around Madagascar are searched ,That is where the main part lies, I told the authorities three days after it went missing that it was Inthis area ,After two years of searching in the wrong place over 2000 miles away without anything found the ATSB won't admit that there has. Been a mistake ,They hide behind " ocean drift " excuses ,Rubbish! The search must move location to around Madagascar ,Lets get this underway ,

  • Technology Will Evolve and That Will Help Find the Aircraft in the Future

    Nowadays, the technology is certainly advanced, but maybe it is not enough to find the missing aircraft. The Boeing 777 may have crashed with a high velocity and speed which could have caused it to break apart in many, many pieces. Maybe the sonars, detectors and other gadgets that experts use to find it today may not be able to find the small pieces. Also, it may be covered by marine life which makes it harder to detect. Lastly, the ocean has many volcanoes, ridges and canyons which make it difficult for the searching devices to find the missing pieces and the technology would take years to evolve into devices capable of searching in volcanoes, ridges and canyons.

  • Ever is a long time

    If we have the right technology, then it will be found. Just wait fifty or a hundred years and finding things on the bottom of the ocean will be as hard as finding things on the ground itself. AKA very easy. The relatives might not be around by that time, though.

  • We just don't have the means yet.

    Our technology is developing and expanding everyday! We've found ships from hundreds of years and other sunken treasures that we would've never found 100 years ago. Even if the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 is in pieces and still hasn't been found, give 10, maybe 20 more years and all the pieces of the puzzle will be discovered.

  • New evidence suggest the plane hit the water violently and broke into millions of pieces, pieces are now scattered all over India ocean.

    The plane crashed and broken into a million pieces, as supported by finding interior trim pieces:


    The Indian ocean current bring these pieces everywhere. There is no longer a plane. There are millions of them scattered everywhere. It is now a giant jigsaw puzzle:


    So the plane will never be found, there is no longer a plane anymore. Just bits and pieces floating on the ocean and some scraps lying on beaches around Indian ocean. The 2+ years have scattered all these pieces everywhere, so stop searching!

  • Where is the crash site ? Where is the floating object

    AF 447 crash site was precisely known but it took 2 years to find the wreck in a clear flat sea bed , where as in MH370 the scenario is entirely different it's like searching a small button in dark forest
    crash site is not known , no debris, sea bed has mountains & active volcano in that region ,how you ever going to find the wreck
    the most probable is suicide theory of capt or co pilot no body else.

  • Plane Vanished Without A Trace

    The Plane simply vanished into the ocean without any trace. The ocean is too large and without and debris it is almost like looking for a needle in a haystack. The facts are also that we have no concrete flight path and the plane could simply be anywhere deep at the bottom of the ocean.

  • It's already been found but nobody has been paying attention, in fact, the so called 'experts' are still looking in the wrong places.

    A cargo ship spotted the tail section of the airliner in the far south Indian ocean two days after it went missing. Photos were taken of debris and information was also confirmed via a satellite. The Australians completely ignored this information and still are ignoring it because they still do not believe the airliner could have gotten that far south without already have run out of fuel....But the nature of the airstream and calculations by formidable experts in aviation support the conclusion that the airliner went down much further south than anyone has imagined.

  • If not by now, then never.

    The ocean is big and deep, it has been nearly a year since the plane disappeared and funds are limited. No trace of the plane has ever been found indicating that the plane was landed (deliberately) on the water and sank whole. The pilot did not want the plane to be found so probably turned away from the path it had taken in the last five or six hours. The searchers are probably looking in the wrong place. This will be one of those mysteries.

  • Really deep Water and fierce storms

    The southern Indian ocean is 21,000 feet deep. It is also one of the most remote and unexplored area's in the world, the search area is also in one of the roughest of the worlds oceans. Even if they do manage to get to the bottom, the seabed in this area is full of undersea mountains, ridges and volcanoes. Also the locator beacons on the black boxes have already gone dead, so finding the wreckage is literally like searching for a needle in a giant underwater haystack.

  • Cover-up by Chinese or Malaysian or US Government

    While false/ incomplete information led to searches in the wrong place, it gave time for a professional clean-up job to remove all the evidence of the accidental shooting down of MH370. (With no transponder and ACARS on it was presumed to be a hostile aircraft threatening security ) Only another government whistleblower like Edward Snowdon will now get to the bottom of this and tell us the facts and fate of the 238 on board

  • The opportunity to find it has been lost.

    Punctuated by the incompetence of the Malaysian government plus plus idiots in MAS. It has always been like this with them.

    Further exacerbating the problem are the closed secrecy the Malaysian government has been showing in order not to look like an idiot to the rest of the world, resulting in fact the very effect they had hoped to avoid.

    FYI, I'm Malaysian

  • Don't underestimate the power of what the government can do.

    The plane was obviously taken by the government. A plane just doesn't disappear like that, we live in the 21st century, come on, im pretty sure and satellite can track the plane since the Americans can probably hear what we are saying. Boeing 777 can be controlled by the CIA and i'm pretty sure they won't tell the us what they have done to the plane. Unfortunately, the plane will never be found.

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