Will malls be gone completely in the U. S. In the next 20 years?

  • Can't hold up

    Malls, In general, Are having a tough time keeping up with the lack of customers that go through their building. Technology is being used instead. Amazon, EBay, And online stores give you what you want for a fraction of the cost. They also ship to you. Not only are Malls inconvenient, But they are taking up valuable space and people's time. I could get a hat at the mall for $30 bucks and get the same one on Amazon for $19. 99.

  • Some malls will survive

    Blockbuster still exist. Most malls will close but there will be some that survive. They will be the ones that adapt and still exist.
    They could have have theme parks and laser tag and a food court. Things that amazon cannot provide.
    More kids are becoming shut ins but certain places can be the place that the people go to.
    Small towns that are far away from any major city and are far away from amazon would still have malls.

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Leaning says2020-09-06T15:34:50.653
City I was from when I was younger didn't have any malls. Going to malls in other cities felt a bit like going to a theme park.

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