Will 'Man of Steel' be the best 'Superman' movie yet?

  • It is my hope that Man of Steel will be the best Superman movie.

    I am a huge fan of superman. I grew up on Christopher Reeve and he was so awesome in the movie. I am looking for an updated and more modern version of superman. It seems to still be following the story line of the original movie with a more modern twist.

  • Yes, I certainly hope so.

    To be honest, I was a bit let down when I saw it was a retelling of the Zod arc. I initially heard the title and I got my hopes up that we would be seeing the splinter arc (Post-Doomsday) when other people were filling Superman's role, in this case about my favorite super man, John Henry - the Man of Steel. Few things are more awesome than a normal, average steel worker (not Tony Stark rich...Normal guy!) who gets fed up with crime, makes himself the most badass suit of fullplate armor ever seen and fights crime with a giant hammer. That being said! After watching the actual movie preview and seeing some of the costume designs and actor choices, I have very high hopes for this movie. Superman was one of those series that NEEDS some good CG to perfect it.

  • Yes, for the modern audience

    I believe that Man of Steel has the best chance at re-energizing the film franchise and making it attractive to a modern audience. Many enjoyed the director's output with 300, and if he is able to capture both the strength and kindness of the character, it should go over very well. I think it will be much better accepted than 2006's Superman Returns, at the very least.

  • I'm not getting my hopes up

    It may very well be a good film, but I don't want to make any claims before actually watching the movie. Over-hyping stuff like movies and video games tends to produce a lot of disappointment and over expectations. It's better to just experience the movie with an open mind and then form an opinion later.

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