• Expect United in the Champions League next season

    United's current form is much better than Liverpools. If MU capitalizes on their next fixtures (shouldn't be too difficult) we can gain a lead on Liverpool, who are shitting the bed. We have to take a spot above City, which wont be easy but we are not far off. I also say this because I am a United fan.

  • No barcelona is going to win

    I think they will not get there because Barcelona, Real Madrid, Chesla, PSG, and Spurs are better and tons more just to list a few. It is so sad that Neymar moved to PSG. What a shame. How? Messi is down in the dumps. Personally, I think Barcelona is going to be first, Real Madrid in second and I do not know about the rest.

  • No they r overrated

    They go and spend 400million pogba and ibra and cant even keep up with the title race, man city, chelsea and iothers are doing better, nothing against pogba and ibra because they are beasts but they need a new coach, this season they wont finish top 4 but mabye in years to come

  • Man city is better

    Man united is not 1 of the top teams in the english permire league they suck and are not a team that is going to get to the top five this year they suck to much and me watching there games they are not the best team this year so

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