• Yes, momentum is up

    Manchester United can now recover from their awful loss to London. It has been put behind them after yesterday's win against Manchester City. Juan Mata has helped bring team morale up after his goal in the game yesterday. Mata is a great asset to the team, as he provides many assists and can play three different positions. This will not be the last we see of a Manchester United victory.

  • Yes, it will!

    Yes, absolutely Manchester United will now start to go on a roll. This latest win will do wonders for team morale. It will boost every player's confidence and give each one a huge desire to keep on winning. Fans will feel invigorated now that their team has won. Get ready for great work from this team!

  • Yes, they will.

    They have been doing well in the last couple of weeks and have been wining most of their games. This pattern of sucess is likely to continue and they are surely going to do well. This wining streak is likely to continue as long as their players are capable and work hard.

  • It's not guaranteed.

    While Manchester United should comfortably win against Burnley, suggestions that they may now be on a roll might be a bit premature. They have a number of Europa league games which will tire their players who will face stiff competition in two away games at Swansea and Everton. These games might prove too much for them.

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