• Yes, Manchester United's win will turn around its season.

    Yes, Manchester United's win will turn around its season because they only needed one to regain their confidence. More will soon follow. A lot of teams simply need that one defining win and will continue to win immediately after. This is a big step forward, and they will regain their dominance.

  • Yes, absolutely it will.

    Yes, Manchester United's win will definitely turn around its season. This win has lifted morale and boosted players' confidence. It has infused the team with renewed energy and vigor, as well as a desire to win. Fans are now paying more attention, and that helps, too. The season is now poised for a major turnaround!

  • Yes, The Win of Manchester United Could Change Their Season.

    Yes, I do believe that the win for Manchester United could turn their season around. Many times in sports the game is just as mental as it is physical. A loss could get into a teams head and effect their playing. A win could have the same effect and get them feeling more confident which in turn could improve their playing.

  • One game is never that significant.

    Manchester United's win might have temporarily buoyed confidence among the supporters and the team but it is unlikely that it will bring about a new trend in the way that they approach this season. If they improve, it will not be to do with one game but rather the influence of a fairly new team meshing together.

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