Will Mankind Ever Stop The Cycle Of Conflict And Misunderstanding That Constitutes Our History?

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  • Humanity fucking sucks

    I hate humans so goddamn much! We kill each other, War with each other, Shame each other, And stigmatize everything- including our own nature and bodily functions! We can't cry anymore, We can't sleep whenever we want anymore, And we can't be tired or anything, Or else we're seen as "weak" or "lazy! "

    fuck humans!

    Fuck you to humanity!

    We even got so stupid we invented currency and have an "economy. " take a look at the fucking woods, Desert, Arctic, Whatever. . . No economy, Just nature! Humans are also animals, For god's sakes. . .

    We should go back to the caves!

    We are not human anymore. . . We need to die now.

    Humans are vile creatures. Do me a favor and stop fucking reproducing. We're overpopulated anyways. Fuck stupid pregnant bitches. Fuck you. Die

  • No, conflict and misunderstanding will continue is our future as well.

    Mankind will never be rid of conflict. As long as the human ego exists, we will have men who crave authority and power over others. We will always have conflict over race and religion as long as mankind remains intolerant of beliefs other than his own. We will always have conflict and misunderstanding based on greed as long as we have a system that allows some individuals to accumulate massive wealth while others have nothing. I do not see the cycle ever stopping.

  • Just Think It Is Natural Cycle Of Things

    Sad to say, but seems like disagreements will always be part of our life, that lead to conflict. The best we can do is hope we can keep this type of behavior to a minimum. Of course it will always spark up from time to time. People just have to be more understanding to one another, and learn from their mistakes.

  • No, conflict and misunderstanding are recurring.

    Mankind will not be able to stop or escape the cycle of conflict that has characterized human interaction throughout most of history, primarily because few have an interest in peace and harmony. To live in peace with others requires one to look inward with reflexivity, a process that few people have the ability to do and are willing to undertake.

  • No we wont

    No, we will never stop the cycle of conflict and misunderstanding that constitutes our history, because it is simply in our nature to cause a lot of conflicts all the time, and completely misunerstand a lot of stuff. The human race is not going to change, and this will stay.

  • No, we will not.

    One thing that I have noticed is that no matter how good things are and how well people are living, they will always find something to fight for or complain about or fight over. It could be the most trivial of things, but mountains will be made of molehills. It seems people just love to complain and have conflict and drama.

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