• U.S. Will Export Oil, Gas

    Manufacturing and refining fuel from oil and gas can help the United States and the global economy recover. Eventually, when Americans can buy cheap electric vehicles in 20 years, the United States will become an exporter of gas and oil to other countries such as India and China. That's American ingenuity in action.

  • yes it will

    Yes, if we were able to take and make our own fuel then it would be really good for the economy here in the USA. I think that this is a good idea to try and start doing and that it would help us out a whole lot later on.

  • No It Won't

    I do not believe manufacturing fuel will be a recovery for the United States. It is unlikely that any thing related to fuels or fossil fuels will uphold our economy for very long. We need to focus on clean energy and fuel alternatives. Unfortunately our oil barons want to keep raking money in, even if it's at the expense of other citizens.

  • Not Getting Pumped . . . At All

    Fuel has long been renowned as a non-sustainable source of energy. The United States' Economy is currently in a downward spiral that has been forestalled by superficial measures for years in an attempt to avoid a full-on crash. A temporary send-out such as fuel, is no more a good solution resulting in economic recovery than any of the other Band-Aid schemes that have been implemented like stimulus packages and forced owning of health-care. Energy could very well be an answer to the United States’ economic woes, but it would need to be sustainable which means focusing on sources such as wind, solar, or hydro-electric energy. Not only will this ensure an economic recovery starter, but it will (like so many other decisions made by the United States) set an incredible trend for other nations. If the US is the first with the best in technology that harnesses solar and wind power, then when other nations turn to use of the same sources, that revenue comes straight to the US and helps put necessary blood back into the veins of a presently bleeding-out economy!

  • That would be very foolish.

    No, manufacturing fuel will never be a recovery of any sort for the United States. While it's nice to have some manufacturing jobs back, chemical based jobs are always going to be in short supply. Also, considering the ongoing energy crisis, that kind of job would not be around for very long.

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