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  • As a republican....

    As a republican, no. I think he is a nice guy who loves his family and stands up for what he believes in but I don't see him as saving my party. He pretty much screwed himself up with immigration reform. I would like to see someone in my party. If Chris Christie changed his stance on some things then MAYBE. But, as far as I know.... My party is in a wreck that needs to get their crap together. We'll need a Ronald Reagan figure to fix my party.

  • I don't think so

    As a conservative, he is a moron. He really screwed him his political career when it came to immigration and I just never really saw anything promising in the guy. Sure, seems like a nice guy that cares about his country and loves his family and devoted to what he does but, I just don't don't see him as anything special.

  • No, Marco Rubio will not save the GOP.

    No, I don't believe that Marco Rubio will save the GOP. There is much support for Marco Rubio, especially after Mitt Romney's devastating loss in the 2012 election to Barack Obama, but this support is only given to him because he seems to want to point fingers of blame without generating any good ideas himself, much like the majority of the GOP and its members. A better "savior of the GOP", so to speak, would be Bobby Jindal, because instead of rehashing old ideas and pointing the blame at the opposition like Marco Rubio, Bobby Jindal understands that their problem is the massive disconnect between the GOP and most regular, hard-working Americans. Marco Rubio, if anything, is bad for the GOP, because of his divisive attitude and comments.

  • There is nothing that can save the GOP now.

    This is the last ditch effort of the GOP to try and salvage what little they have left. They realize they are becoming the minority as the minorities start to have a voice in the country. Marco Rubio is their "token hispanic" to try and persuade others to join onto their side even though it is very flawed.

  • Just because he's young and Latino, that doesn't mean he'll save the GOP.

    He's a skilled politician, I'll give him that. He's young. He's Latino. So, I see the appeal for the GOP. They can package their ideas as many different ways as they want, it won't change the fact that they're not in step with the majority of the country. So, I think he's a promising politician and if he changes his positions on a number of issues, then maybe he can save the GOP. But, from what I've seen so far, he won't.

  • No He Will Not

    Marco Rubio will not save the GOP. After news broke that he was spending government funds to design his house his reputation is shot. Due to this I doubt he will be able to get a lot of supporters behind him or enough to actually turn things around for the GOP.

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