Will Mark Zuckerberg be remembered most as a brilliant technological innovator and businessman (yes) or as an awkwardly (and ironically) antisocial person (no)?

Will Mark Zuckerberg be remembered most as a brilliant technological innovator and businessman (yes) or as an awkwardly (and ironically) antisocial person (no)?
  • Yes, I think Mark Zuckerberg will be remembers as a technological innovator and businessman.

    I think that while Mark Zuckerberg may not be a polished and professional sounding chief executive I think overall that he has succeeded in attracting billions of dollars of investment into his company and is one of the tech worlds greatest innovators, I think history will look very fondly on him.

  • Legacy Not Written

    Given Mark Zuckerberg's age and the unknown future of Facebook, I personally think it is a bit early to try and decide how he will be remembered. Based off what he has done thus far, I would say the first option is more likely. He is going to be remembered for his business.

  • I think the best is yet to come

    I think Zuckerberg's true genius has not yet arrived, but it will. He is still young and has a lot of power and money to use in the future. I mostly like what I have seen from him and expect many more good things to come. Only time will tell.

  • Yes, Mark Zuckerberg's financial success and creation of Facebook will have him remembered as a brilliant businessman and innovator.

    Mark Zuckerberg will be remembered in history not for his social awkwardness and shying away from the limelight, but for his social networking and entrepreneurial genius. When we look at brilliant inventors and creative minds in history we look to their triumphs and attribute their "flaws" as things that contributed to their greatness. Einstein couldn't speak until he was two and his name is now synonymous with genius. Steve Jobs, nerdy and seemingly anti-social is known for technological genius and creating the Apple industry. In the end it will be Zuckerberg's achievements that are remembered.

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  • Mark will always be remembered.

    He created things we've never imagined before. Therefore, he deserves our respect. Facebook is a wonderful social networking site that helps us stay in contact, no matter where we are, you can chat with family and friends. He changed how we contact each other. With that being said, he will always be remembered by us.

  • Mark Zuckerberg will be remembered for his awkwardness

    Mark Zuckerberg just wanted a better way to meet people. Face to face was too awkward for him. So, he designed a website that allowed someone to gather all of the information they really want to see. Attractiveness, availability, and proximity. This was adventageous to his antisocial personality because he could skip past all of the initial interaction, and also be armed with relevant questions for meeting someone in person. That is his legacy. He took the mystery out of that initial contact. He was not really an innovator. He also was not a spectacularly good businessman.

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