Will Massachusetts Senator John Kerry make a good secretary of state?

  • He Is A Great Choice

    John Kerry would definitely do well in the position of secretary of state. Kerry has a lot of experience and I believe that he would excel at the job. He has all of the qualifications and is a better candidate than most of the other possible names I have heard thus far.

  • Yes.

    John Kerry is a longtime, experienced, level headed politician and would make a great secretary of state. He has been a senator for a long time and has had experience in foreign affairs. He also seems like a fair and patient man which will serve him well in negotiations. His appeal crosses over into Republicans so he will be easily approved which is a bonus as Congress can not afford any more conflicts.

  • Appears he will

    Kerry has a resume of foreign policy experienced rivaled by few. Clinton will be missed but Kerry should still do a good job and represent us well as a nation. The fact that nobody on either side had a word of objection to say about his nomination is enough to display what those that know him best think of him.

  • He is adamantly anti-war

    His Vietnam service is tainted not only by its excessively short time frame but by his public anti-war stance as well. War is a powerful tool in foreign policy debate so sending a proven coward who is willing to sell out his country just sends a message that the United States may have the most powerful military in the world but they have lost the will to use it.

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