• China craves Western culture

    The Chinese people love Western culture just as we love aspects of their Eastern culture. While McDonald's may have hit a rough spot dealing with a bad distributor in China, there is little doubt they will build back up rapidly. Shady business practices, especially when it comes to food, aren't a new thing in China. If lead tainted milk can't kill off businesses, I very much doubt that McDonald's will disappear from the Chinese restaurant options anytime soon.

  • Yes they will, it is worth the cost for the worlds biggest market and the demand for cheap sustenance is severely inelastic

    1.)The ease and low cost of McDonalds will eventually trump the missteps in china
    -There will always be low income consumers with mouths to feed, McDonalds low cost will entice consumers despite the health concerns just as it has in the current battle against war on obesity in America. Essentially the high demand of inexpensive food far outweighs the health concern .

    2.) China is too big of a market for McDonalds to afford losing
    - The Chinese people form the biggest open market in the world which is simple too great an asset for McDonalds to lose. Given the success of McDonalds it is clear to see that they posses the capital to change public opinion seeing as how they cant afford not to

  • Yes, they will. They are to big not to.

    I believe they will succeed in China again for a few reasons. One being it is MacDonald's, it is easy and cheap so people will go to it. I also think it is a sense of comfort. People know it so will continue to go to it. it is one of those places you just can not stay away from.

  • McDonalds Actions In China Doom it to Failure

    McDonald's has had many missteps in China, the most recent being an embarrassing issue of providing expired meat to its stores. While there had been initial expansion across the massive country, McDonald's has been plagued with setbacks, from failed menu items to injuries in stores to expired meat. No amount of free food, promotions, or PR will bring it back.

  • McDonalds loses credibility with bad meat

    McDonalds seems to have sealed it's own fate in China. Bad meat has not only left a bad taste in China's mouth but in McDonald's earning over there. The Chinese base everything on reputation and this recent faux paus by McDonald's has certainly not lived up tp the standards they expect.

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