• Yes, Medicare and Medicaid will exist in 25 years without reform programs.

    I think that even without reform programs, there will still be Medicare and Medicaid available for the citizens of America. I do not think that without reform, the people who depend on these programs will ever support getting rid of them. And it would probably end up costing the taxpayers more money to get rid of the programs.

  • They will prop them up.

    Yes, Medicare and Medicaid will exist in 25 years without program reforms, because they are too politically expedient. Politicians will throw all the money they have to at Medicare and Medicaid, no matter what the expense is, and no matter what other programs suffer. These are programs that buy voters. They will never not exist.

  • Programs Must be Privatized

    In order for entitlement programs like Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid to survive, they must become privatized as soon as possible. These programs take up too much of the federal budget and must be slashed in order to save taxpayer dollars. The insurance programs will exist in 25 years, but they have to be massively reformed first.

  • they will not

    No, if something is not done soon these two programs are going to fall and not going to be able to kept up and running. I think that the government needs to set down and work out a way to make sure that these programs are fixed and that they will stay.

  • Not without reform.

    We do need reform to medicare and medicaid. And I'm not talking about cuts when it comes to this, I'm talking about money more wisely spent, more funds from other areas, and the extension of medicare and medicaid. You simply don't cut funds to something that improves a country's quality of life.

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