• Is there anything we can't do?

    If we can walk on the moon, we can walk on Mars to. I am sure they have already checked into doing this but the funds aren't there. I think within the next 20 years there going to do it. I dont think its as hard as people think it is.

  • Why can we not?

    Mars is in relatively close proximity to the earth and we have already engaged in close contact by sending out non-living things to monitor and observe. What inhibition lies to halt our pursuit of nothing but another one of the mysteries in the universe we are bound to solve? It was thought impossible in 1969 that mankind would venture out as far as the moon, but it was accomplished! Our technology never ceases to grow. Resources of the world and how we can manipulate them never fails to surprise us. Have a little faith in our race people! Walking on Mars is possible, it is only a matter of "when" we will do it :D

  • Genesis 1 Commission

    God instilled in man a desire to "subdue the earth" which basically means land or ground. I.E, man is to make the universe his dominion. However, I think that our generation will not see is great event because of government red tae and NASA ineptness. But so eBay, the dominion spirit will take mankind to Mars and beyond.

  • yes of course

    Men will walk on Mars one day. I believe it will be sooner rather than later. There have been plenty of unmanned trips to Mars, the next step is a manned trip. Technology is always moving forward. In 1969 people thought that a walk on the moon was impossible but it happened.

  • Yes.

    I believe men will walk on Mars, maybe even within a decade! Our planet is advancing so steadily that it would be absurd for us to NOT have life on Mars within a century. No matter how long it takes, I believe that men will someday live on Mars. How could we not?

  • There are so many ways to explain and answer the question 'will men ever walk on mars', but I am posting this in response to the only one who answered no, 'Sorry, kids, you're grounded!'

    1) Throughout history, humans sprouted from the heart of Africa, since then, we now occupy all the land masses on the planet, give or take a few islands. Yeah, we may not have fully scanned the entire ocean 100%, but we certainly plan on it. What some people don't understand, is that our discoveries in the ocean have helped us realize that organisms can survive without sunlight (geo-thermal vents). This increases the possibility of finding life in deeper places on a planet where humans could not survive. We already know that we have the technology to go to places where we cannot survive, such as the ocean, space and the moon, so Mars is the next stop on the list. Humans of some type of drive to continue exploring. We can never just stop. Yeah it might burn a hole in a wallet for a while but Mars has useful resources.
    2) Mr. Anonymous said 'Get used to it already - like it or not, we're "grounded" here on Earth'. I respond to that by pointing out that we have flown in the sky and landed on the moon. We broke the pressure of the very atmosphere and gravity of the planet that binds us to Earth, and did exactly the opposite of what you, i assume was recently said, that we are Earth bound. We have the potential and resources to go far.
    3) Some people may not understand why anyone would want to land on Mars considering it is so hazardess. The reason is because we can terraform Mars. The definition is: The terraforming (literally, "Earth-shaping") of a planet, moon, or other body is the hypothetical process of deliberately modifying its atmosphere, temperature, surface topography or ecology to be similar to those of Earth to make it habitable by humans. Okay, now a rover mission on Mars and also satellite picture discovered polar ice caps on the north and south poles of Mars's surface. One of the missions to Mars would be to convert the ice from the caps into purified water and air, which has been successfully done here on Earth.
    4) Most people, at least from around my town, think that Mars is just a barren cold wasteland that is not worth exploring. They are dead wrong. 1) Mars may be the closest place in the solar system where we can discover extraterrestrial life forms, weather or not they are intelligent or microbes. 2) The Earth is not a very safe place in our galaxy. Asteroids and global warming are a small example. This is the only planet that we know of that can sustain life. Mars is the closest place we can reach that could possibly be a second home. The process of altering the planet would be a long process taking hundreds, maybe thousands of years to perfect. We have to take the first step to get it started. Why would you want to have one of everything, when you can have more available for whatever the reason? We need 2 planets. We should be a two planet civilization. t is dangerous to remain on only one planet.
    5) The Earth is over populated with people. We are running our resources dry. If we went to Mars and used some of our resources to make Mars a farm for Earth creatures, there would be more room to spare and resources to share.
    6) The last point I am going to make is that people think that going into space is destroying our atmosphere and using up resources. They are correct, but they believe that for that reason, it is pointless to go into space. They ask, 'how is going into space going to affect my life or change the country or the worlds economy?' I answer by saying that if we can successfully mine an asteroid and bring the material back to Earth, we would be set. There are enormous amounts of elements in asteroids that we could use to build things, power things, and even replenish things. We could even discover new elements that were never on the periodic table and put them to good use.

  • Absolutely.

    Not only will we walk on Mars, but there is a possibility that by 2021, there will be a small manned colony on Mars. It's a private initiative called Mars 1. They have everything planned out, and will start the recruiting for the first batch in a few years. The spacecraft that will take them there is already in contruction. The already are creating all the tools they need to survive.

  • If man can dream it, he can achieve it, through imagination and hard work.

    Inventive mankind has a history of achieving what some people believe impossible. For example, although the Montgolfier Brothers had made the first recorded manned balloon flight in 1783, the idea that people could fly in a machine, like a bird, was still inconceivable to most ordinary people. Yet, the Wright Brothers moved ahead with their flying machine, flew successfully, and forever changed the world. What people dream, they can conceive. Man will walk on Mars.

    Posted by: DamagedJosue60
  • Leaving Earth is inevitable, as technology increases.

    As technology increases, it is becoming easier and cheaper to develop space travel. In the past, the only organization that could afford to even think about development in space was the government. Then, private enterprises entered the field, by launching their own satellites. Now, private enterprises are playing with the idea of launching their own vessels into orbit. As technology makes these goals cheaper and easier, it is inevitable that humanity will move out into space. Our nearest planet that is even remotely habitable is Mars, meaning that it is extremely likely that men will walk on the surface someday.

    Posted by: KnownEvan
  • Yes men will walk on Mars, because Earth isn't big enough anymore.

    Generations have been inspired by America going to the moon. Other nations are trying to catch up. Now that our shuttles are grounded, Russia and China have more of a foothold in space, and India is catching up, too. The private sector is also getting into space. The moon will eventually be surpassed as our benchmark for space travel, and we will reach Mars. Men will walk on Mars someday, and so will women.

    Posted by: FlakyHerb64
  • Sorry, kids, you're grounded!

    Get used to it already - like it or not, we're "grounded" here on Earth, which just happens to be the greatest place in all the universe for people and other living things like us. Why? Because we all co-evolved here for over three billion years and a deep, intricate co-dependency like that isn't going to be shaken off lightly. Oh, there's nothing terribly wrong with fantasizing, it can be lots of fun and a lot less harmless than many kinds of "fun". And, yes, it's conceivable that one day a woman, or possibly even a man, may actually on walk on Mars. But what for? Just to say she did it? Mars ain't no place to raise the kids - in fact, it's cold as "hell". Face it bravely: There is no long-term future for human beings ANYWHERE in the universe except here on good ole Earth. Life is just too difficult to sustain anywhere else, including the Moon. Fortunately for us, there are a lot of really neat places to visit and good things to eat., among other perks. Agriculture on Mars would be exceedingly I think, and there ain't much there to hunt and gather either. So wake up, rub your eyes, and join the world, THIS world. It might not be such a bad place to hang out after all, if we devote the best of ourselves to taking good care of it. P.S. Please don't waste any of my tax dollars on a Martian boondoogle, just so adult Trekkies can strut about and think, "Ooh, aren't we cool?"

  • Not in a million years

    It's never going to happen. There is no good reason for doing it and not enough money in the world to make it happen. None of the "supporters" of this stupid idea invest their own money in it. That alone is enough to discredit their argument. They have more Star Trek than common sense.

  • Maybe, but what's the point...

    The exploration of mars or space in general is something we all like to see, living there is another thing altogether. Aside from numerous obstacles, like lack of water, oxygen and an atmosphere, it makes it practically impossible to live there, so why would we even visit. Not to mention the psychological issues that arise from lack of social interaction, or living in isolation. Perhaps most of you bought into the notion that our world population growing and we are running out of food or land to live on. Not the case, there is plenty of land and food here on earth for everyone. No need to venture to other planets that have less resources than we do. We know less about our oceans that we do our solar system. Exploring the oceans would help us learn more about our planet and what we could do to save and preserve what we have left. Not to mentions the untapped resources. Running to another planet doesn't solve our issues here on earth. We'd probably end up ruining Mars too, given enough time.

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