Will Mexico overcome its struggles in the World Cup and knock off Chile?

  • Mexico's offense rebounds

    Mexico's offense will recover from its recent power drought and return to the fast pace of play and quick passing regime it has had in the past. Look for Mexico's midfielders to open up the center of the pitch and force the issue with long flanking passes and the occasional long-range sniper fire from the perimeter.

  • Mexico will beat Chile in this World Cup.

    Mexico has always had a strong football presence at the World Cup but has never quite put it all together for the big wins. This go around will be different as Mexico has a team that is one of the strongest to be seen at any World Cup. Mexico is going to be victorious over Chile.

  • No, Mexico's recent struggles will continue against Chile.

    Mexico's World Cup struggles look likely to continue against an inspired Chilean side. It is widely considered that the Mexican team has brought their "B-team" into this competition, and their lack star-power will prove costly when they are pitted up against the Chilean team headlined by Alexis Sanchez and Arturo Vidal, who play for European club powerhouses Arsenal and Juventus, respectively. Additionally, Team Chile has a major home field advantage over their Mexican opponents, as the game will be played at the Chilean capitol of Santiago. With the vast gap in individual talent combined with having to overcome the highly hostile atmosphere in Chile, Mexico look unlikely to keep their World Cup dream alive.

  • No, Mexico's football struggles will continue.

    No, Mexico has always been a good-but-not-great football team. Chile traditionally has always had a far stronger reputation, and they entered this year as favorites over the Mexican team. Additionally, Chile's Arturo Vidal is a dynamic scorer who could be the equalizer in any games between these two. Between Chile's Vidal and Eduardo Vargas, Mexico does not have the adequate defense it needs to stop Chile's potent attack.

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