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  • Follow the money

    Man has been getting messed up since the beginning of time the methods might have changed a little some have not but the reason is the same to leave the body and experience a new level of consciousness.........Besides the courts, lawyers, DEA, prisons, judges and police like it just the way it is.................

  • Was on drugs will take many many years to be won.

    While one can appreciate the efforts the Mexican government are going to in order to combat the drug problem, the real issue is that a war cannot be won unless the poverty issue is first addressed. The drug trade is high because it is valuable and brings people out of poverty. Unless this issue can be resolved, the war on drugs will wage for many, many more years.

  • No nation's war on drugs will be won

    You can't really define any war on drugs as having a winning side, we just don't have the resources to fight it, and Mexico certainly doesn't have the resources. We need an entire paradigm switch in Mexico where it is not acceptable to sell or use drugs. Right now it is too culturally ingrained in Mexico and elsewhere.

  • It's an unwinnable war

    Many governments are starting to wake up to the fact that drugs are an issue that will never go away. While there are users, there will always be those willing to supply, and time has proven that it's a source that is impossible to plug. It's time Mexico started to look at the cartels and sellers in a different way. Too many people lost their lives already.

  • The war on drugs in Mexico will not be won in my lifetime.

    The war on drugs in Mexico will not be won in my lifetime. The problem is deep seeded and wide spread. It will take a great tactical plan as well as agencies working together to accomplish the goal. It is also a very violent and unapologetic problem. As the war continues, the drug lords are not shy about killing people, even in large numbers. In order to win many more drug lords will need to be removed.

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