• Experience counts first

    Mr. Bloomberg is one of the richest person in the world and has wealth of experience to go with the job he has undertaken. He has returned back to the company which he founded 30 years ago. He can bring success no doubt. He can become a media mogul all over again.

  • He has great idea's

    I think he will, he obviously has great and popular idea's. Facebook is still popular, and I think he can probably come up with some newer additions to it. Michael Bloomberg could also come up with new idea's, as I'm sure there are a few different ones he has thought of to try out.

  • Money Will Buy Anything

    Michael Bloomberg has a billion dollars, and nothing to do with it. He has lots of time on his hands, and after running the world's biggest city, he needs a challenge. Becoming a media mogul needs good ideas of course, but the ability to throw money at something has a very good chance to succeed.

  • Yes, I think he will take this position in the future.

    Yes, I think he will take this position in the future. I think Micheal loves to share his opinion and love to be in the media as an whole. I think this job fits him like a glove and he will fall right into it. I would enjoy having him as a media mogul as well.

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