Will Michael Dunn's testimony convince the jury that he is innocent?

  • Yes and no.

    Michael Dunn's testimony could easily go either way with the jury. The jury is normal people who are not used to seeing lies and such. They are workers, and average citizens, which means they can be lied to easily or manipulated easily. It is hard to say for sure how it will go.

  • No, Michael Dunn's testimony will not convince the jury that he's innocent.

    I do not think that the testimony of Michael Dunn will convince the jury that he is innocent. There are way too many evidence and testimonies that will hurt Michael Dunn's chances in court. And his testimony will not be enough to see him free. I think that he will be found guilty.

  • The facts behind

    No, I do not think that his testimony will convince the jury that he did not commit this crime. He had a lot of important facts against him on this case, that made him look very guilty, and I think that the prosecutions testimony will win out in this case.

  • Michael Dunn Not Innocent

    According to New York Daily News, "A jury did not buy his defense, finding Dunn guilty of attempted murder and other charges. However, the jurors could not reach a verdict on first-degree murder." While Dunn claimed he was acting in self defense, they were unable to find a weapon in Jordan Davis' car, meaning that Jordan was more than likely killed for no apparent reason.

  • No, it won't.

    Michael Dunn's testimony did not convince the jury that he was innocent, but unfortunately, they couldn't come to a decision at all in the trial on the murder charge. I believe that his testimony was false and that no one in the car he shot into brandished a weapon. No weapon was found in the car. They did get him on attempted murder of the other three boys in the car, so at least there was some rationality involved in the trial.

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