• Microsoft ruins MCPE

    The have already ruined MCPE. The have added some things with XBox Live, you can't change your username anymore and the size of the APK files are doubled. I'm sure that if Microsoft will continue ruling Minecraft, it will not be the best game anymore. It should be bought by an independent company.

  • They are Microsoft, first of all

    Microsoft has a reputation of jumping on the bandwagon of what everyone else is doing. Remember the time thst Microsoft made their own idea? No you don't. Microsoft has ruinine perfectly good ideas. The XBOX ONE, and the XBOX360. Also, Kinect could of been something amazing. Wjndiws Phone could of been someting amazing. None if them gained very much traction. Also, Microsoft is extremely greedy when it comes to money, copyritten material, etc. Microsoft only bought Mojang for the ca$h. If they bring modders down, they bring themselves to a very warm place. Way below all of us. If you catch my drift.

  • They bought it ONLY because of minecraft.

    Why would a company buy Mojang for 2 billion dollar, if not for it's global hit, Minecraft. There will eventually come big changes to the game (so Microsoft can replenish the cost of the purchase) for the better/worst. Looking at history what Microsoft does to company's (Rare) it will ruin mojang and minecraft.

  • Look what Happend to Rare.

    Back in 2002 Rare Was Bought by microsoft because rare was running out of money. Microsoft made rare make titles exclusivley for the xbox. They made conker:live and reloded grabed by the goolies and a few more. When the 360 came out rare made viva pinata and banjo and kazooie nuts and bolts. But then microsoft forced them to become a kinect only developer and that was the last we ever heard of rare. I think the same might happen to mojang.

  • Minecraft became popular through player made content.

    Microsoft essentially bought a game that became popular through following the same policy as Linux. Microsoft is not the best when it comes to allowing Copy-written material open for others to use and manipulate. Minecraft Vanilla may be improved but its popularity will drop if the modders are hurt in any way shape or form.

  • Just because it's Microsoft doesn't mean it'll get worse

    Sure Microsoft as a company have been quite bad but that doesn't necessarily mean that they'll ruin Minecraft. They've made some amazing things in the past like Windows XP, one of the most loved Windows OS' of all time. So I don't think they'll ruin a game as expensive as Minecraft and risk losing money on it.

  • The are not EA

    Sorry to use this gaming cliche but Microsoft will not destroy Minecraft
    Microsoft can make good products and games. And I think that Microsoft will not make Minecraft into a cash-cow, because it will not make the money they need to live (Minecraft is simply too small)
    They will assign a team of decent programmers to improve and polish minecraft, upload new content, make a Windows Azure inclusion, make Minecraft Realm really good, and some more stuff that we will see in the upcoming years

  • If they ruin it they'll have just wasted $2B

    If Microsoft is smart (which it has been ever since that billionaire stopped running it) it will let Mojang remain intact but just market it and basically just claim some percentage of the profits. Notice that in 1.8.1 Microsoft hasn't even branded themselves on it, and Mojang got bought MONTHS before the release. I believe that Minecraft will remain mostly under the creative control of Mojang. If Microsoft tries to take it over, people will hate it and get rid of their accounts and rate it badly and no one will buy it and Microsoft just wasted their money. Smart companies don't waste money

  • I hope not it is popular why would they destroy it?

    I think they may or may not. The only reason I can see is to make their games popular. But, everyone hates Microsoft so I think if they do it will make all of us gamers VERY MAD. So, if they don't I think it will make their reputation better, and if they end up making Minecraft 2 or 1.8.1 then I will feel better. And it will probably make their reputation go up.

  • Probably not, Microsoft has a good history with games.

    Look at game series like Halo, Fable, and Age of Empires. Microsoft makes good games, and they bought it mainly to make money. They probably won't interfere too much, but if they do it won't be too bad. I am happy that Mojang now has the resources behind them to do even more with Minecraft.

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