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  • No, it is not.

    The macbook is still the computer with the best reviews and the one that more people turn to if given the choice. All the competitors in the tablet market still don't outsell Apple. The macbook is the most user intuitive computer out there and will be a staple for all techie people.

  • Windows 8 is not as good as OS X

    I don't like Apple products. I think they're overpriced, over hyped, and the OS is too simple. Of course, I am a tech-smart person who custom built my PC and rooted my Galaxy. The average American might like a simpler OS. However, I am not necessarily in Microsoft's camp either. I love Windows 7. I think it is a great system, almost perfection. However, when Windows 8 came around. And they made a fundamental mistake. Apple, out of all tech companies, is one of few that sells big in both the PC and mobile arenas. And they know this, that mobile and PC need to stay separate. Yes there should be synergy between them, but they are so fundamentally different they need to have specific OS's. Microsoft thought that they could somehow bridge the gap between the two. What they got is sort of a compromise. It's OK on a PC, and its OK on mobile. Apple however, has a highly devoted fan base, has years of experience and honing of it's products, and they have already fixed their mistakes on their products. Right now, Windows 8 feels half-baked. There is still a lot of work to do on it, in my opinion. In the future I can see it becoming big, but for now, I'll stick with Windows 7, and Mac owners will stick with Macs.

  • No Microsoft's Surface is not going win the war with Apple's MacBook.

    No Microsoft's Surface is not going win the war with Apple's MacBook. The two laptops don't really compete for the same market segment. Apple's MacBook is a road warrior's machine, it's built solidly to handle being cased and carried all the time. The Surface is actually on the fragile side. In any case score this one for Apple.

  • I Doubt It

    Have you seen Windows 8? Microsoft isn't going to touch Macbook until they come out with a functional new, fresh breath of air in the computing world. They need to create something worth owning before they can take on the company that has had it figured out for ten years now.

  • Microsoft Surface will not win its war on Macbook.

    Microsoft Surface will not win its war on Macbook. This is because Mac has a real stronghold on the market and has a big, loyal following. There are people that literally line up around the block to catch the newest Mac product. Microsoft, of course, can create any product it wants and will get a small following, but I don't think it can equate to anything Mac produces.

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